Welcome to Reborn


Reborn is a World of Warcraft Guild, located on the Burning Legion (EU) Server.

We moved from the Alliance side right before Christmas time 2013.
Back then, we were named the "Fluffy Bunny Squad". A highly competetive PvP Guild.
But alas, we got bored of several stuff on Alliance side, so we went Horde, and never looked back.

We are both doing PvE aswell as PvP content, at competetive levels.
We are a growing bunch of people that is rather rapidly progressing in Siege of Orgrimmar
(10 man).
We have proven that you don't have to be a dick in this game, to be high rated in either PvE nor PvP.

We're having a lot of fun when we're playing together, as a Guild.


We are always looking for new member to join our Guild!
It doesn't matter if your more in one aspect than another.